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Prevent Nail Fungus Infections: The Nail Salon Problem


Nail fungus has been associated with nail salons for years.  There is no clear understanding of why some people get fungus at nail salons and others don’t.  The theory is that a person whFungus Nail Salonocontracts a nail fungus infection has either a pre-disposition to fungus orthe fungushas a favorable environment to grow and flourish. 

It is essential to understand what causes nail fungus infections and how to try and prevent the fungus.  Here is a list of things to consider.

  1. Make sure the nail salon is clean 
  2. The chairs with attached foot jet basins are washed after every use
  3. Keep a plastic layer between the basin and your skin to prevent cross contamination
  4. Make sure the nail instruments are sterilized between each customer or better yet take your own products
  5. Treat any form of nail fungus infection asap


PediMD is a natural way to prevent from getting fungus at nail salons. It is engineered a base coat under nail polish and contains multiple essential oils that promote helthy cuticles and strong nails.

One preventative measure is to place an anti-fungal protective medication on the nails prior to nail polish. It is used to treat the fungal infection and keep the fungus from returning.  PediMD Nail Treatment is also designed as a base coat under nail polish. It prevents fungus, maintains healthy cuticles and strengthens the nails.

Doctors Recommendation:

I believe by following the simple tips above and applying the PediMD Products you can protect your nails and save yourself from future fungal nail infections.


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