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Preventing Toenail and Athlete's Foot Fungus from Returning After Treatment


So you have done whatever you did to rid yourself of that ugly nail fungus.  You took the pills, did the laser or treated the problem locally with a topical agent and now the fungus is gone.  That’s great but Fungus will return if you dont prevent against reinfection. People who have already had fungus once are much more susceptible to getting it again.  Prevent Fungus PediMD

Nail fungus grows in the root of the nail called the matrix.  All forms of treatment that work clear the matrix of the fungal infection. What is usually not discussed is the fact that if the matrix is left untreated, the fungal infection will return.  This is why I don’t personally like to have patients use the anti-fungal pills.  What I find is that this treatment may clear the nail, but does not protect from reinfection thereafter.

Athlete’s foot fungus infections are similar.  You treat the area with a local treatment and get rid of the fungus infection but if left untreated, the problem comes right back. At least 50% of people who have had Athlete's foot or Foot Fungus have reported that the condition has reoccured. 

In both cases, my suggestion is that you use an anti-fungal nail and skin treatment system to continue to protect the nail.  PediMD Anti-Fungal Nail Treatment System and PediMD Anti-Fungal Skin Moisturizing Cream are designed to treat fungus of the skin and nail and also to prevent it from returning.  It is simple to use.  For the skin, use the moisturizing cream daily to protect the feet, repair cracks and prevent athlete’s foot problems.  For the nails, just apply the anti-fungal lacquer once to twice a week  as a protective tool against the return of nail fungus.  Remember, you can put nail polish on top the lacquer no problem. 


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