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Prevent Fungus from Returning: Toenail and Athlete's foot treatment


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Toenail Fungus and Athletes Foot affect over 40 million Americans every year.

Nail fungus grows in the root of the nail called the matrix.  All forms of treatment that work, clear the matrix of the fungal infection.  What is usually not discussed is the fact that if the matrix is left untreated, the fungal infection will return.  This is why I don’t personally like to have patients use the anti-fungal pills or try the Anti-Fungal Laser Treatment.  What I find is that these two treatments may clear the nail, but they do nothing to protect the nail.

Athlete’s foot fungus infections are similar.  You treat the area with a local treatment and get rid of the fungus infection but if left untreated, the problem comes right back. 

Most treatments are temporary. In order to stay fungus free continue to apply an anti-fungal treatment at least once a week.

PediMD Antifungal Nail Treatment System and Antifungal Skin Moisturizing System are designed to:

  1. Treat fungus of the skin and nail
  2. Prevent it from returning

It is simple to use.  For the skin, use the moisturizing cream daily to protect the feet. The cream rehabilitates cracking, peeling, itchy skin and prevents Athlete’s Foot problems. 

For the nails, just apply the antifungal lacquer once or twice a week as a protective tool against the return of nail fungus. New innovations allow you to put nail polish on over the lacquer!

In Summary:

  1. Once the fungus in the nail or the skin is gone, it will eventually return if treatment is stopped
  2.  A daily moisturizing antifungal foot cream will prevent athlete’s foot from returning and keep feet healthy
  3.  An antifungal nail lacquer will protect the nail from the return of a nail fungus infection
  4.  Keep your feet dry as fungus loves moisture
  5.  Wear moisture repellant socks such as coolmax brand products to keep feet dry


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