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Fungal Nail Treatments: How long does it really take?


Misleading Information on Anti-Fungal Products

It is funny to me as the developer of a nail fungus treatment system and practicing podiatrist to see the many fraudulent advertisements on the Internet.  I felt compelled to write and give readers some information on the time it takes to clear fungus in the nail.

Fungus grows in the nail root called the matrix. YoNail Fungus grows in the nail rootu have to treat the matrix and then wait for the new nail to grow out and push out the bad fungal nail that is currently present.

This is much like the hair follicle is the root for hair growth.  When you have damaged hair, you have to treat the follicle and wait for good healthy hair to grow out.  You cannot really treat the hair that has grown already.   

Nail growth on the hands takes about 6 months from base to tip.  Nail growth on the foot takes about one year from base to tip.  It is amazing to me when I go on the internet and read products that say they can clear fungus in ONE WEEK.  This is impossible

To clear fungus in an entire nail

  • You need to treat the matrix daily and wait for about 6 months to grow out about half a nail. 
  • With a good product, you will see new nail growth from the root in about 2 months
  •  Once the nail is clear, it is important to keep using a product to keep the fungus from returning. 

My personal choice is PediMD Antifungal Nail Treatment System.  It is easy to use, works well, is clinically tested and can be used to prevent fungus return after the nail is clear with once a week protection.

Nail matrix treatment

So remember: 

Fungus grows in the root (matrix) and this is what needs to be treated

  • File the nail to allow the medicine penetrate the nail
  • It can take up to one year to grow a toenail from root to tip
  • You will notice the nail clearing at the base of the nail in as soon a 1 month.

Use an antifungal protection medicine after the nails are clear to prevent re-infection.


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