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Nail Fungus Treatment Systems: What works and what doesn’t?


Nail Fungus Treatment Systems: What works and what doesn’t?

Nail fungus has been a tough problem to treat.  Manytreatment options have been considered and most have
failed. The goal of this article is to explain the upside and downside of fungus treatment and what works.

Problems with nail fungus:

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  1. Nail fungus is in the root of the nail called the matrix and the nail
  2. Treating the nail does not treat the matrix
  3. Clearing the nail is temporary unless it is protected
  4. Treating the skin to prevent the spread of fungus is critical

Problems with current fungus treating products:

  1. Fungal pills treat the skin and nail but do not protect after they leave your system
  2. Fungal pills can cause liver problems and may not be safe
  3. Lasers treat the nail only but do not protect the nail long term and do not treat the skin
  4. Lacquers usually do not penetrate the nail and cannot be used long term
  5. Creams usually can treat the skin but not the nail
  6. No system up till recently treated the entire problem

PediMD Nail fungus treatment system:

  1. Penetrates the nail to treat the matrix and nail
  2. Can be used to prevent fungus
  3. Can be used to protect against fungus re-infection
  4. Cream can be used to treat and protect the skin against fungus spread
  5. Completely safe

In conclusion, whatever you decide to use, make sure it treats the nail, matrix and skin.  Make sure it can be used to protect the nail and skin after clearing the fungus.  Make sure it is safe.


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