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Fungal Infections on the Skin: Treatment and Prevention


Types of Fungal Infections on the Skin:

  1. Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)
  2. Foot Fungus/ Athlete's Foot 
  3. Jock Itck 
  4. Ringworm

Fungal Infections can show up all over the body and infect some of the superficial areas of the skin. Fungus is all over the enviornment and everyone is suseptable to contracting it. A condition is termed a "Fungal Infection" when the fungus begins to cause negative side effects on the skin and eventually begins to spread. Fungal Infections on the skin are very common among population's and infect infants as well as adults. 

fungus skin infection

The majority of fungal infections on the skin are not very difficult to treat and can be remedied by using an Anti-fungal Cream and/or Anti-Fungal Lacquer. 

Nail and Foot fungus infections are the most widespread foot ailments that affects adults in North America. The fungus infection on the skin occurs due to sweat building on the feet. The sweat, along with the dead skin on the foot, produce a damp, moist enviornment; which are ideal conditions for fungal infections to grow and replicate on the skin. The Fungus can cause itchy, peeling skin inbetween toes, unsightly odors, and discolored toenails. 

4 easy ways to prevent fungal infections on the skin.

There are many remedies to initially remove Toenail and Foot Fungus. However, in conjunction with proper treatment, is it crucial to maintain proper foot hygene. It is also important to take some precautionary steps to prevent fungal infections on the skin from returning. 

  1. Look after your shoes, socks and feet.
  2. Wash your feet often and make sure to dry the skin around the tonails very well.
  3. Trim your nails and keep them as short as possible.
  4. Clean any dirt and debris lodged under the nail as it may contain fungus.
If you feel like you have a fungal infection is severe it would be wise to consult a family doctor or dermatologist to get advice about different treatment options. Moderate fungal infections on the skin can be treated with an array of different products as well as home remedies. The best treatment option depends on the type of fungus and the bodies reacton to different teatments.


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