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Picture of Nail Matrix



Nail Matrix

The Nail Matrix is behind the root of the nail. Toenail Fungus grows in the matrix of the nail. It gets under the nail bed and infects the nail that is growing out. 

To effectively treat toenail fungus it is critical to treat the source of the fungus in the matrix. 

Sporanox and Lamisil Anti-Fungal Pills work inside the body to treat the matrix. Once the treatment leaves the body the nails are once again suseptable to fungus.

Anti-Fungal Lasers 'zap' the fungus in the entire toenail and the matrix. Lasers lack to clear the entire nail matrix. Thus, it usually takes two to three laser treatments to fully treat moderate to severe toenail fungus. 

PediMD Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquers fight fungus by pairing holistic remedies and proven medecine. The Step 1 lacquer application allows the teatment to penetrate the nail plate and reach the source of the fungus. Natural oils and extracs penetrate the nail and carry the active ingredient Clotrimazole 1%, the oldest FDA approved anti fungal,  to the matrix of the nail. The Step 2 Lacquer Sealer keeps the treatment in place and promotes the growth of a new healthy nail. This process is depicted in the illustration below. 


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