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New Anti-Fungal Antimicrobial Index supported by PediMD


The Antimicrobial Index is a reference tool designed to primarily serve and enrich the work of microboilogists, cellbiologists, life-science professionals, and the worldwide scientific community. Currently, the index contains both susceptibility and potency data for thousands of microorganisms, anti-fungal oils and extracts, and antimicrobial agents. 

The database seeks to not only raise consciousness regarding rising antimicrobial resistances such as Anti-fungal pills, but also to provide a comprehensive reference tool for microbiologists and other life-science professionals to use.

anti fungal microbial anti fungal index

The database includes over 33,000 Microorganisms, 4,400 Strains, 1,150 Antimicrobials and 800 Papers!

The Antimicrobial Index can be used for:

  • Discovering new antimicrobials 
  • Cross-referencing antimicrobial potencies 
  • Finding the most effective antimicrobial for your needs 
  • Locating literature relevant to your research

The online version of The Antimicrobial Index allows users to cross-reference literature-based susceptibility data with hundreds of antibiotics, thus allowing for more informed and efficient use of antimicrobials. 

Using the index is as easy as entering the name of any antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, antiparasitic agent or microorganism and clicking the search button to browse minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) data. If you are interested in a specific microorganism, you can learn more about which antimicrobial agent can most effectively inhibit the growth of the microorganism by browsing the database (you may be surprised!).


Nail Fungus: Reasons for getting it, Prevnetion and Treatment


What are the Reasons for getting Nail and Skin Fungus?

The main questions that come up over and over from patients is “how did I get nail fungus” or “why did I get nail fungus”?  The answer is multi-faceted and I will try to present a list of common reasons below.

Nail Fungus


Fungus is a type of mold that exists all over the world and on all surfaces around us. In the case of nail fungus, it can cause unsightly, thick, deformed, yellow nails.  Learn More About Nail Fungus

Reasons for getting nail fungus:

  • Family history of nail fungus
  • Sweat in shoes
  • Weak Immune System
  • Had Skin/Nail Fungus in the Past
  • Wear the same shoes everyday
  • Dont change socs everyday

These are a small number of the common reasons for nail fungus. There are many others that are far more complex. So the questions is what can you do to prevent and treat nail fungus?

Tips to Prevent Toenail Fungus:

Using these simple tips can help prevent common nail fungus from occurring.  I would suggest you consider using PEDIMD nail treatment system in order to prevent nail fungus or treat nail and skin fungus.  It is simple and clinically proven to work.

Ultimate Anti-Fungal Approach: Combining Laser and Lacquer



Do Fungus Toe Nail Laser Treatments Work?

Pinpoint Antifungal Laser

One of the newest treatments for nail fungus is the anti-fungal laser.  The treatment is conducted in a doctor’s office with no local anesthetic. It requires about a year for the new nail to grow out.The treatment is designed to clear the nail after session, but most doctors recommend 2 to 3 treatments to fully rid the nail of fungus.  It is an easy option but the question is does it work?

    As a member of one of the biggest podiatry practices in the country I was initially skeptical about the Laser treatment. I found myself asking questions like “What prevents the fungus from reoccuring after Laser Treatment?” Furthermore, “Why are there no studies to support the treatment and back the superior results?” After conducting my own research, I do believe that the laser treatment works. Nevertheless, my main concern and the ultimate issue is that the nail is not protected against the fungus infection from returning.

"After Laser treatment patients must continue to protect the nail from getting reinfected.'

 I have referred many patients to the PediMD Nail Treatment System. Applying the solution once a week after laser treatment will protect the nail and guarantee that toenail fungus does not reoccur. The treatment is a combination of two lacquers, which maintain a healthy nail and treat any areas that the anti-fungal nail laser may have missed.  As the new nail grows out fungus free, the lacquer continues to protect the nail against re-infection.  Once the nail is fully grown out, applying the lacquer once a week, either by itself or as a base coat under nail polish, will ensure results.

The Antifungal Nail Laser can be 4 times more effective if combined with an antifungal lacquer such as PediMD.

Antifungal Laser
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