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PediMD leading Toenail Fungus Treatment in Los Angeles


PediMD has become one of the leading Toenail Fungus and Athlete's Foot Treatments in Los Angeles. With distribution throughout Los Angeles in cities including: Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu and Long Beach (just to name a few); PediMD has proven remarkable results at a cost that is manageable for everyone. 

PediMD recently advertised on the massive 20 foot "Spirit of Sunset" Screen which is located on the infamous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

PediMD Solution: New Revolution in Treating and Preventing Nail and Foot Fungus. 

Nail and Foot Fungus PediMD Solution

PediMD Nail Fungus Treatment Lacquers

Nail Fungus PediMD Nail Treatment Lacquer

PediMD Anti-Fungal Moisturizing Foot Cream for Athlete's Foot

Foot Cream Anti fungal PediMD

"Happy, Healthy Feet with PediMD"PediMD Happy, Healthy Feet

PediMD is unique in that it combines a three step fungus fighting system which:
  1. Rehabilitates Feet
  2. Treats Nail Fungus and Foot Fungus
  3. Prevents future fungal infections
  4. Eliminates Smelly Feet and Odors
  5. Stops Itchy, Burning, Peeling Skin on Feet
  6. Clears Yellow, Cracked, Dirty Nails

The PediMD Solution includes A Moisturizing Foot Cream along with an Anti-Fungal Nail Lacquer and an Anti-Fungal Nail Sealer. Each product incorporates multiple anti-fungal herbal medicines that work together to maintain healthy feet.

For More Information About Nail Fungus check out:

Video about Toenail Fungus and Home Remedies

Herbal Medicines that Treat Nail and Foot Fungus

Nail Fungus Remedies: What Works and What Doesn't?




Nail Fungus: Reasons for getting it, Prevnetion and Treatment


What are the Reasons for getting Nail and Skin Fungus?

The main questions that come up over and over from patients is “how did I get nail fungus” or “why did I get nail fungus”?  The answer is multi-faceted and I will try to present a list of common reasons below.

Nail Fungus


Fungus is a type of mold that exists all over the world and on all surfaces around us. In the case of nail fungus, it can cause unsightly, thick, deformed, yellow nails.  Learn More About Nail Fungus

Reasons for getting nail fungus:

  • Family history of nail fungus
  • Sweat in shoes
  • Weak Immune System
  • Had Skin/Nail Fungus in the Past
  • Wear the same shoes everyday
  • Dont change socs everyday

These are a small number of the common reasons for nail fungus. There are many others that are far more complex. So the questions is what can you do to prevent and treat nail fungus?

Tips to Prevent Toenail Fungus:

Using these simple tips can help prevent common nail fungus from occurring.  I would suggest you consider using PEDIMD nail treatment system in order to prevent nail fungus or treat nail and skin fungus.  It is simple and clinically proven to work.

Video of 5 Ways to Prevent Toe and Foot Fungus: Easy Foot Care Tips


5 Easy Footcare Tips to Prevent Toenail Fungus and Athlete's Foot

Dr. Bob Baravarian Spells out 5 simple tips to keep feet felling Happy and Healty while portecting against Fungus.


For more information go to The Road to Happy Feet also written by Dr. Baravarian.

Dr. Baravarian recommends that patiens use PediMD Anti-fungal Treatments to treat Fungal infections and ensure that the foot is protected against fungus.

Learn More about PediMD Solutions >>>






Preventing Toenail and Athlete's Foot Fungus from Returning After Treatment


So you have done whatever you did to rid yourself of that ugly nail fungus.  You took the pills, did the laser or treated the problem locally with a topical agent and now the fungus is gone.  That’s great but Fungus will return if you dont prevent against reinfection. People who have already had fungus once are much more susceptible to getting it again.  Prevent Fungus PediMD

Nail fungus grows in the root of the nail called the matrix.  All forms of treatment that work clear the matrix of the fungal infection. What is usually not discussed is the fact that if the matrix is left untreated, the fungal infection will return.  This is why I don’t personally like to have patients use the anti-fungal pills.  What I find is that this treatment may clear the nail, but does not protect from reinfection thereafter.

Athlete’s foot fungus infections are similar.  You treat the area with a local treatment and get rid of the fungus infection but if left untreated, the problem comes right back. At least 50% of people who have had Athlete's foot or Foot Fungus have reported that the condition has reoccured. 

In both cases, my suggestion is that you use an anti-fungal nail and skin treatment system to continue to protect the nail.  PediMD Anti-Fungal Nail Treatment System and PediMD Anti-Fungal Skin Moisturizing Cream are designed to treat fungus of the skin and nail and also to prevent it from returning.  It is simple to use.  For the skin, use the moisturizing cream daily to protect the feet, repair cracks and prevent athlete’s foot problems.  For the nails, just apply the anti-fungal lacquer once to twice a week  as a protective tool against the return of nail fungus.  Remember, you can put nail polish on top the lacquer no problem. 

Ultimate Anti-Fungal Approach: Combining Laser and Lacquer



Do Fungus Toe Nail Laser Treatments Work?

Pinpoint Antifungal Laser

One of the newest treatments for nail fungus is the anti-fungal laser.  The treatment is conducted in a doctor’s office with no local anesthetic. It requires about a year for the new nail to grow out.The treatment is designed to clear the nail after session, but most doctors recommend 2 to 3 treatments to fully rid the nail of fungus.  It is an easy option but the question is does it work?

    As a member of one of the biggest podiatry practices in the country I was initially skeptical about the Laser treatment. I found myself asking questions like “What prevents the fungus from reoccuring after Laser Treatment?” Furthermore, “Why are there no studies to support the treatment and back the superior results?” After conducting my own research, I do believe that the laser treatment works. Nevertheless, my main concern and the ultimate issue is that the nail is not protected against the fungus infection from returning.

"After Laser treatment patients must continue to protect the nail from getting reinfected.'

 I have referred many patients to the PediMD Nail Treatment System. Applying the solution once a week after laser treatment will protect the nail and guarantee that toenail fungus does not reoccur. The treatment is a combination of two lacquers, which maintain a healthy nail and treat any areas that the anti-fungal nail laser may have missed.  As the new nail grows out fungus free, the lacquer continues to protect the nail against re-infection.  Once the nail is fully grown out, applying the lacquer once a week, either by itself or as a base coat under nail polish, will ensure results.

The Antifungal Nail Laser can be 4 times more effective if combined with an antifungal lacquer such as PediMD.

Antifungal Laser

How to control Cracked, Yellow, Thick Nails and Itchy, Peeling Skin


“My feet sweat, I have itchy peeling skin, unmanageable odor, thick, cracked, yellow nails and unmanageable fungus infections keep reoccurring. Dr. Bob what do I do?”

         As a practicing podiatrist and fungus expert for over a decade in Los Angeles, CA; I hear (and smell) this very quote almost daily. Weather it’s peeling itchy skin in-between toes, thick, yellow, cracked nails or a fungal odor that fills the room every time you take off your socks; Let’s discuss some simple steps to help remedy these issues.  
Peeling, Itchy, Smelly Foot
         Moisture is one of the main causes of fungal infections of the skin and nails. This is due to the fact that fungus loves moisture.  The process is quite simple.  As your feet sweat moisture and heat build up in shoes creating the perfect breeding ground for fungus.  Thus, the fungal cells multiply and overpopulate the skin and nails, leading to an infection.  Although fungal infections are not dangerous and do not cause internal body infections, they can cause unsightly changes to the skin and nails including: peeling and blistering skin, inflamed toes, irritated skin in-between toes, cracking yellow nails, and a stinky stench.

So what do you need to do?  Most important is to keep your feet dry.  Try using an anti-perspirent spray on the skin.  This can be the same type used for under the armpit. 

In addition, try to wear new socks every day and make sure they are moisture resistant.  For athletes worried about fungus, try using coolmax socks and for dress socks try using wool or polyester because cotton holds moisture. 

Finally, consider using a product to help prevent nail and foot fungus infection and also to help treat the infection if it persists. PediMD Skin Moisturizer has anti fungal properties that can treat and rehabilitate the skin while also helping moisturize and prevent future fungal infection. PediMD Nail Lacquer can help treat fungus and to recover nails from being thick, yellow and cracked. The PediMD Nail Treatment can also be used as a sealant to prevent toenail fungus infections from reoccurring.

Control Cracked, Yellow, Thick Nails and Itchy, Peeling Skin with PediMD


cracked thick yellow nails

For more info:

Dr. Bob's 5 Footcare Tips

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Old School but Innovative Way to Keep your Fee Dry from GHC


Something we like to do at PediMD is stay upto date on new and innovative ways to treating Nail and Foot Fungus in addition to our PediMD Solution product line. 

This morning while going through my feed I found a remedy that I have actually never heard of:

"Sprinkle your toes with a little bit of organic corn starch or baking soda before putting on your socks in the morning. The corn starch/baking soda will help soak up moisture, but it wont stop the itch. Baking soda in the shoes also helps to absorb some of that not-so-pleasant sweaty foot smell."

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Global Healing Center's 10 Natural Remedies for Athlete's Foot 

This is a very simple solution to keeping your feet dry. Using corn starch will dry away any moisture just like goldbond and baby powder. 

PediMD has developed 5 simple Foot-care tips to keep feet feeling happy and healthy. Visit our Footcare Tips page to see what you can do to keep fungus away and maintain soft supply skin. 

Common Nail Fungus Cures: What works and what does not


There are so many choices for nail fungus treatment and not all of them work. Even those that do work do not always continue to work when they are stopped. This article explains options and what I believe to be the best choices.

1: Antifungal Pills : Lamasil and Sporanox

These work about 70% of the time. They clear the nail but once they are stopped, the nail fungus can return as the nail is no longer protected. They also can upset or damage the liver and have many side effects. Make sure to check blood work prior to starting and after one month of use. Nail clearing will take about 6 months to one year. Protect the nail after it is clear with a protective nail anti fungal lacquer.

2: Fungus nail laser

fungal laser

This has been shown to work in very small tests. It is very new and very expensive and not covered by insurance. The jury is stil lout on if it works and how well. It seems to require more than one treatment and once it is stopped, the nail is not protected. No side effect associated with laser treatment except for occasional but rare skin irritation if not done properly. Make sure to follow up with a protective nail anti fungal lacquer after treatment to prevent fungus return.

3: Gel or liquid nail treatments

These just don’t work. The gel type is usually vaseline based and smears everywhere. It is hard to keep on the nail and rubs off. If it is not on the nail it cannot treat the fungus. More importantly, if it does not penetrate into the nail, which it can’t, it will not treat the fungus. The liquid kind is worse. It just rolls off the nail and so is really not effective.

4: Home remedies

Most home remedies are one of the ingredients in other forms of fungal treatments. For example, Vick’s Vapo rub is vaseline and menthol based. Menthol has been okay for fungal treatments but again the vaseline is hard to use and messy.Vinegar is a strong anti fungal but needs to used as a soak for hours and can dry the skin badly. In general, home remedies are poor choices as they all lack something andhave side effects or can irritate just as much as they help. The ingredients in home remedies are used in most good nail fungal treatment systems.

5: Nail Lacquers

Nail Lacquers work best in my mind. They are totally safe unless you have an allergy to some ingredient which will resolve when the product is discontinued.The product adheres to the nail and penetrates in most cases. This is essential for proper treatment. Some lacquers leave a thick coating and patients hate the shiny look. The one I find best is PediMD. This leaves a non-greasy non- visible look. It completely penetrates the nail and adheres to the nail bed and nail matrix. It can be used to prevent fungus as a base coat. PediMD has shown excellent clinical test result for treating fungus and can also be used to prevent fungus return after any form of treatment. It invisible and we have not seen any skin reaction from it.

I hope this article clears up some of the nail fungus treatment options for you. Be careful to check what you are getting and be sure to protect the nail after any form of treatment in order to prevent the return of nail fungus infection.




Video: Toenail Fungus Facts + Review of Home Remedies



Dr. Bob Baravarian discusses Nail Fungus and reviews many of the prominent Home Remedies. Including: Vics Vapo Rub, Listerine, Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar.  

PediMD Free Shipping


Nail Fungus Treatment Systems: What works and what doesn’t?


Nail Fungus Treatment Systems: What works and what doesn’t?

Nail fungus has been a tough problem to treat.  Manytreatment options have been considered and most have
failed. The goal of this article is to explain the upside and downside of fungus treatment and what works.

Problems with nail fungus:

describe the image
  1. Nail fungus is in the root of the nail called the matrix and the nail
  2. Treating the nail does not treat the matrix
  3. Clearing the nail is temporary unless it is protected
  4. Treating the skin to prevent the spread of fungus is critical

Problems with current fungus treating products:

  1. Fungal pills treat the skin and nail but do not protect after they leave your system
  2. Fungal pills can cause liver problems and may not be safe
  3. Lasers treat the nail only but do not protect the nail long term and do not treat the skin
  4. Lacquers usually do not penetrate the nail and cannot be used long term
  5. Creams usually can treat the skin but not the nail
  6. No system up till recently treated the entire problem

PediMD Nail fungus treatment system:

  1. Penetrates the nail to treat the matrix and nail
  2. Can be used to prevent fungus
  3. Can be used to protect against fungus re-infection
  4. Cream can be used to treat and protect the skin against fungus spread
  5. Completely safe

In conclusion, whatever you decide to use, make sure it treats the nail, matrix and skin.  Make sure it can be used to protect the nail and skin after clearing the fungus.  Make sure it is safe.

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