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4 Tips to Treat Peeling, Cracking, Itchy, Smelly Skin on Heels & Feet


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Cracked Skin on Heels 

    cracking peeling skin on heel

  • Peeling Skin In-Between Toes

  • Itchy Skin on Feet

  • Redness on Skin

  • Skin Irritation (especially at night)

    Itchy peeling smelly skin on feet

  • Smelly Feet

Dr. Bob Recommends the following Footcare Tips:

The skin on heels and feet is suseptable to a number of different conditions that can be avoided by following a few simple steps. The most common conditios people report are peeling, cracking, irritation, redness and even foul odor. It is normal for anyone to experience at least one of these conditions in their lifetime; the good news is that these symptoms are easily treated and their recurrence can be easily prevented.

  1. Avoid Excess Dryness - Applying harsh chemicals or soaking your feet in acidic substances can dry out the skin and leave the foot susceptible to cracking and peeling. Simply washing your feet twice a day and thoroughly drying will help control foot odor and prevent further peeling and cracking of the heel.
  2. Take a GOOD, HARD look at your feet - Inspect your entire foot. Look closely in between toes and check for any signs of fungus. Foot Fungus and Athlete's Foot are a major cause of itchy peeling skin in-between toes. Fungus can spread onto the heels and toenails, thus it is crucial to spot the fungus before it gets out of hand and continues to damage the skin.
  3. Change your socks and shoes -  NEVER reuse socks before washing them! Also, try not to wear shoes without socks. If your feet sweat it is imperative that you take steps to avoid sweat buildup in your shoes and socks. Apply gold bond foot powder directly onto the foot and sprinkle some into your shoes before dressing.
  4. Treat Any Fungal Infections, Cuts, Abrasions and Warts on the heels and feet - Before you can achieve happy healthy feet you must first treat any underlying conditions that can cause future problems. Applying an Anti-Fungal moisturizing Foot Cream such as PediMD will eliminate fungus and prevent issues such as cracking heels, peeling skin and smelly feet.

Click Here to see the advantages of using a moisturizing foot cream to treat skin on heels and feet

Do you have Smelly Feet? It could be Athlete's Foot or Foot Fungus.


The #1 cause of Smelly Feet is Foot Fungus. About 45 million American's get Foot Fungus aka Athlete's Foot every year. The Fungus is not harmful but it can cuase cracked, irritated, peeling skin and embarassing smelly feet! Foot Fungus can spread to the toenails and toenail fungus can affect the skin around the toes. It is critical to treat the Athlete's Foot or Toenail Fungus to cure Smelly Feet and keep skin healthy.  

Causes of Smelly Feet:

Smelly Foot
  1. Foot Fungus

  2. Reusing Socks

  3. Sweat in shoes 

  4. Toenail Fungus 

How to Prevent Smelly Feet:

Other Symptoms of Foot Fungus:

  • Itchy red skin in-between toes

  • Peeling skin on foot

  • Constant need to rub toes around

Foot Fungus can damage the skin and leave it suseptable to getting infected. Most treatments will eliminate the fungus; yet, they neglect to treat the skin. It is essential to use an anti-fungal cream with natural oils and herbal extracts which will keep the skin feeling soft and healthy. PediMD Moisturizing Foot Cream combines natural oils with FDA approved fungus fighting medicine to treat Fungus and keep feeling happy and healthy!

Foot Fungus and Athletes Foot: Causes, Symptoms & Effective Treatment


Foot Fungus and Athlete's Foot - Effective Treatments

Foot fungus is one of the most common foot and ankle problems.  It occurs due to multiple reasons and can be embarrassing and often painful.

Foot Fungus Athletes Foot

Causes of Foot Fungus:

  • Excess sweating    
  • Poor hygiene            
  • Fungus nail      
  • Family History


Video: How to Prevent Fungus and Maintian Healthy Feet

Symptoms of Foot Fungus:  

  • Peeling skin
  • Itching skin
  • Small red blisters
  • Red skin
  • Cracking skin

Learn How to Control Fungus

The problem with most fungus skin medications is that they work only when applied. As soon as the medication is stopped, the fungus returns to the skin.  Furthermore, most of the medications dry the skin and can cause crackina, peeling and pain.  Finally, they are very strong and can only be used for short periods of time.

Cure for Foot Fungus: The PediMD Advantage

PediMD Antifungal Skin Moisturizer is a new approach for treating skin fungus while rehabilitateing the skin as well.  It is a daily use moisturizing cream that contains strong anti-fungal medication along with holistic oils and extracts to treat foot fungus.  What makes it better than anything on the market is that it can be used daily to prevent fungus from returning and also to keep the skin soft and supple without any drying, cracking, peeling. 

For best results, combine PediMD anti-fungal moisturizing cream with our Anti-Fungal Toenail Treatment System.  Use daily as a treatment system and then weekly as a protection against nail fungus and foot fungus return.

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