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Adding Nail Oils to your mani-pedi kit will prevent Nail Fungus.


I found this great article about nail kits and how people easily contract Nail and Foot Funugs from Nail Salons. One of the takeaways from the article is that adding essential nail oils to your Mani- Pedi Kit will help maintian healthy cuticles, strong nails and will prevent fungal infections. If you click on her article link you'll find a list of ten things that should be in your mani-pedi kit. 

Adding essential Nail Oils to your Mani-Pedi Kit has multiple advantages.

By: Linda “Princess Dominique” Grosvenor

"I always and I mean ALWAYS take my own nail polish with me to the salon. Initially it wasn’t because I was afraid of anything, but it was because I’m particular and their colors are normally too neon bright for me or too dark and dreary. NowadaysNail Oil I’ve come to learn that safety is another issue that’s urged me to recommend everyone put together a kit of their own. You can carry your kit with you to the salon, because you just never know what conditions clients are walking into the salon with, and with the high turnover of clients you can’t always be sure that the tools they’re using are completely sterile. I talk about one major risk further down with Dr. Colon. Let’s get started.

Bringing your own is a great start, but make sure you clean your own kit too. Most items can be cleaned in soapy water. Let air dry before you pack things away for next time.

On to the icky stuff. Never again will I let them use recycled base coat or top coat on my nails in a salon and neither should you–you know the kind they’ve used on 20 other people before you. Here’s why.

I posed the following question to Dr. Michele Summers Colon who is a foot doctor in California who has come face to face with some of these issues and her response was shocking, but expected and very in line with the experience that residents had at an assisted living facility where I once worked at:

Can you get a nail fungus from using nail polish that has been used on someone else who has an active nail fungus?

“Yes, yes, yes! And you can get ingrown toenails from the salons too if the nail technician cuts the nails too short or at the wrong angle.”

She also kindly included a link to a medicated nail polish that they recommend to their patients that actually fights the infection. You’ll probably want to add that to your kit too. It costs $16 a bottle but is worth it. She also shared an article link with me about nail fungus in general since most people don’t know what it looks like or what to do about it.

Hopefully, creating your own kit will reduce the risk of fungus or any of the other contaminates or at the very least make you more aware of how recycled most of the products and items in salons really are. Share this will someone you know will benefit from it."

-Excerpt from Why You Should Create Your Own Mani Pedi Kit

For more information about getting Nail and Foot Fungus at the Nail Salon check out the article Prevent Nail Fungus Infections: The Nail Salon Problem.

Sporanox and Lamisil Anti-Fungal Pills are a short-term fix


Sporanox and Lamisil Fungal Nail Pills Are A Short Term Fix

Sporanox and Lamisil Fungal Pills are among the newest advancements in the treatment of nail fungus. Both Lamilisl Pills and Sporanox Pills have been on the market for years and have become a consideration when deciding to treat fungus. The only question is how long do they work for and are they worth the money and health risk's.

Lamisil and Sporonox Pills Lamisil and Sporanox Pills treat fungus by sitting in the nail root, also known as the matrix, and clearing the fungus in the matrix. The nail matrix is where nail matter is produced and as the fungus in the nail matrix is cleared the new nail grows out fungus free. Lamisil and Sporoanox Pills will only temporarily clear the matrix of the nail. The shortcoming for this treatment is after treatment, when the nails are once again suseptable to getting fungus. In other words as soon as the Lamisil or Sporanox medication leaves  your system and the nail matrix, the fungus returns.

Lamisil and Sporanox Fungal Pills: How They Work

  1. Begin Eating Pill
  2. Pills Enters System
  3. Pills Sits in Nail Matrix and Clears Matrix
  4. Nail Begins to Grow Out Clear
  5. Some of Medication is Cleared Through Liver
  6. Medication Leaves System
  7. Fungus May Return to Unprotected Nail and Matrix

Problems with Anti-Fungal Pills

  1. Very Expensive - Cost about $800, may be covered by insurance 
  2. Damage Liver - Perscription is often accompanied by frequent blood tests to ensure that the liver is safe. Doctors recommend that patients do not consume Alcohol or smoke when taking pills
  3. High Chance that Fungus will Return - After treatment the nail matrix is suseptable to contract fungus again

Two new advances in the treatment of nail fungus are nail laser therapy and advanced nail lacquers. Both of these treatments have had excellent outcomes and do not have the risks of liver irritation or damage associated with the fungal pills. The best option we have found is combining the nail laser and lacquer together.

Advantages of Nail Laser:

  • No pain: In office procedure
  • Clears Fungus: Treats both Nail and Matrix to
  • Quick Treatmet: Only One or Two Treatments
  • Does not harm body: liver stays intact

Advantages of Nail Lacquer:

  • No pain 
  • Fairly Inexpensive; Should not cost more than $30 for treatment  
  • Treats both Nail and Matrix 
  • No side effects  
  • Continued Nail protection:Apply lacquer once a week to prevent fungus from returning

The Doctors Recommendation

What I believe is the best treatment option is simple. Use either the pill, if your insurance will cover the costs and and you are okay with the risks of liver irritation. Or use the laser if you can afford it as insurance does not cover it. Whichever treatment option you prefer, make sure to combine a nail lacquer with the treatment and when the nail is clear, use an Anti-fungal nail lacquer that can offer long term protection to prevent the nail from getting re-infected.

Nail lacquer PediMDPediMD Antifungal Nail Treatment System has been designed for this specific purpose. It is an excellent treatment system for nail fungus and can also be combined with anti-fungal pills or fungus laser treatment. PediMD offers a second attack to the nail fungus. The best part is that the nail lacquer helps protect the nail while taking the pills or during laser treatment.

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Ultimate Anti-Fungal Approach: Combining Laser and Lacquer

Video of 5 Ways to Prevent Toe and Foot Fungus: Easy Foot Care Tips


5 Easy Footcare Tips to Prevent Toenail Fungus and Athlete's Foot

Dr. Bob Baravarian Spells out 5 simple tips to keep feet felling Happy and Healty while portecting against Fungus.


For more information go to The Road to Happy Feet also written by Dr. Baravarian.

Dr. Baravarian recommends that patiens use PediMD Anti-fungal Treatments to treat Fungal infections and ensure that the foot is protected against fungus.

Learn More about PediMD Solutions >>>






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