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Anti fungal Foot Bath: Vinegar vs. Listerine


Vinegar and Listerine foot bath's are regularly used to treat fungus on the nails and feet. Apple Cider Vinegar, White Vinegar and Listerine have anti-fungal properties that allow them to break down the nail and fight fungus under the nail. vinegar anti fungal

Vinegar is a strong acid. Fungus is eliminated when exposed to strong acids. Thus, acidic substances can be used to kill fungus and soften the nail. The issue with  continuously using a vinegar foot bath for fungus is that the skin on the foot can get dried out and irritated. Soaking feet in Vinegar can also leave a strong odor..

listerine anti fungalApplying Listerine onto the nail or using it as an anti-fungal foot bath can be somewhat successful. Listerine is comprised of strong alcohols that are designed to fight bacteria and fungus (Candida) in the mouth. Listerine as a mouthwash is only used for 30 seconds, soaking feet in it for extended periods of time can irritate the skin around the nail and dehydrate the skin.

Anti fungal Foot Bath: Compare using Vinegar or Listerine


Treatment Name 

White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar



 Over-the-counter, Prescription or Home Remedy

Home Remedy

Home Remedy 


Published Effectiveness

 Not Clinically Tested- estimated at > 10%

Not Clinically Tested- estimated at > 10%

Application Instructions

Mix equal amount of Vinegar and water. Soak feet for 20 minutes.

Apply directly onto nail with a q-tip or Mix equal amounts of Listerine and water. Soak feet for 20 minutes.  


Active Anti-Fungal Ingredient




Natural Ingredients

 Vinegar is naturally Acidic. Acid kills fungus.


 Side Effects

Irritates skin around the nail, Dries out skin on feet, Leaves strong odor on feet.

 Skin irritation around nail, Dehydrates skin on feet

 Nail Polish Safe




Money Back Guarantee






 Sold Through 

Online Stores, Grocery Store

 Online Stores, Grocery Stores

Comparing these two Home Remedies for fungus is pretty simple. Both Vinegar and Listerine Foot Bath's are ineffective treatments for fungus. Soaking your feet in harsh acidic or alcoholic substances has less than a 10% success rate and can be problematic to the skin around the nails and on the feet.

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