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ZetaClear vs PediMD: Over the Counter Toenail Fungus Treatment Review


ZetaClear vs. PediMD

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Two Over the counter toenail fungus treatments that are available online are Zetaclear and PediMD. Zetaclear along with a couple other heavily marketed products (ZeroFungus, Funginix ect.) have an oligopoly over the online sales of toenail funugs treatment. It is commonplace to search a term regarding toenail fungus and end up on a fairly mediocre webpage with flashing Zetaclear banners scattered everywhere. Their reign of supremacy has diluted the information available online and even caused some more effective OTC Toenail Fungus Treatments, such as Formula 3, to fray away from pursuing sales online.

As a player in the market since the late 90's, Zetaclear and its partner products may be easier to get found on the internet, but are they actually effective over the counter toenail fungus treatments? In this article we compare ZetaClear to PediMD. PediMD is an over the counter toenail fungus and athlete's foot treatment that was developed by leading podiatrist, Dr. Bob Baravarian DPM, in 2009. PediMD is actually dispensed through doctors offices, has conducted successful clinical trials, and maintains one site with one blog.  Our competition has thousands of similar different sites with half written information and material from the same company just presented in different fashions to make a product that has not been truly tested look better than it is.


Treatment Name 



 Over the counter, Prescription or Home Remedy

 Over the counter - Includes Nail Treatment System (Lacquer and Sealer) and Moisturizing Foot Cream

Over the counter - Includes Clear Nail Solution and Homeopathic Spray


Published Effectiveness

 72% in Clinical Trial

 Claims to be "Good". No clinical trials.


 $30 for nail treatment

$20 for added skin treatment

 $50 per bottle, multiple bottles recomended for full treatment


Active FDA Approved Anti-Fungal Ingredient

 Clotrimazole 1%



Natural Ingredients

 Aloe Extract,

Avocado Oil,

Cucumber Extract,



Ivy Extract,

Jojoba Oil,


Nigra Flower Extract,

Shea Butter,

Slippery Elm Extract,

Sunflower Oil,

Tea Tree Oil,

Vitamin E

 Tea Tree Oil,

Jojoba Oil,

Vitamin E,

Almond Oil,

Clove Oil,

Lemongrass Oil,

Undecylenic Acid,

Antimonium Curdum,

Arsenicum Album,


Nitricum Acidum,


Thuja Occidentals

 Side Effects

 None reported to date

 Potential allergic reaction to homeopathic oral spray. 

 Nail Polish Safe

Safe and effective for protecting nail as base-coat under nail polish

 Cannot use nail polish


Money Back Guarantee

 Full - No questions asked 

 Money Back Guarantee - No timeline specified 


Thousands of other 1 -2 page sites

 Sold Through 

 Doctor's Offices

Online Store


Nail Salons 


In conclusion, don't be fooled by deceptive marketing.  PediMD does no false advertising and makes its sales on the strength of its products not on the false advertising often seen on the web.




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