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Anti-Fungal Toenail Treatment Topical Lacquers: Formula 3 vs. PediMD


Toenail Fungus Treatments: Formula 3 vs. PediMD

Toenail Fungus Treatment       Formula 3 toenail




The table below is a comprehensive review of two Anti-Fungal Treatment Lacquers. The most prominent Anti-fungal treatments dispensed through doctors offices today are PediMD and Formula 3. Both PediMD and Formula 3 are oil based lacquers that are designed to penetrate the nail and reach the source of the fungus at the matrix of the nail. Formula 3 consists on one lacquer that that is applied onto the nail twice a day. PediMD Nail Treatment System consists of a nail lacquer and a nail sealer which makes it safe to use as a base coat under nail polish.


Treatment Name 


Formula 3

 Over-the-counter, Prescription or Home Remedy




Published Effectiveness

 72% in Clinical Trial

 Not listed


 $30 - $50

 $40 - $60


Active Anti-Fungal Ingredient

 Clotrimazole 1%

 Tolnaftate 1%


Natural Ingredients

 Aloe Extract,

Avocado Oil,

Cucumber Extract,



Ivy Extract,

Jojoba Oil,


Nigra Flower Extract,

Shea Butter,

Slippery Elm Extract,

Sunflower Oil,

Tea Tree Oil,

Vitamin E

 Jojoba Oil

 Side Effects


 Glossy finish on nail after application 

 Nail Polish Safe

Safe as base-coat under nail polish

 Cannot use nail polish


Money Back Guarantee

 Full - No questions asked 

 Full - No questions asked  



 Sold Through 

 Doctor's Offices

Online Store

Nail Salons 

 Doctor's Offices


The chart above illustrates that PediMD and Formula 3 are very similar treatments for toenail fungus. Both products contain FDA proven Anti-fungal medicine and combine it with natural oils and extracts. Both PediMD and Formula 3 offer a no-questions-asked unconditional return policy. PediMD is less expensive and has a unique lacquer - sealer delivery system which allows the product to be used under nail polish. Additionally, PediMD does not have any side effects and dries immediately while Formula 3 leaves a glossy finish over the nail. 



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