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Doctor's Recommenation for Toenail Fungus Treatment


Doctors Recommendation to treat toenail fungus with PediMD Anti fungal Nail Treatment

  1. Cherie Amor says:

    Toenail fungus big toe

    I need help. This is unattractive. I was thinking the laser treatment but I cannot afford it. Is there hope?

    • Cherie, this is a pretty bad case of Fungus. Only your big toe is infected so I would not recommend laser surgery. You can cure this fungus by applying the PediMD Nail Treatment System twice a day. Make sure to file down the nail with the included nail file to ensure that the treatment is penetrating the nail and clearing the fungus in the nail root.

      You should notice the debris around the nail clear within a week. After about a month you should start to see a new healthy nail growing out from the root. Continue to apply the Nail Treatment for three months or until a new nail has grown out.

    • If you do not see favorable results, PediMD offers continued treatment advice via our blog, diagnosis form, and contact us. Additionally, PediMD offers a full 90 day money back guarantee for both the Anti-fungal Nail Treatment and Anti-fungal Foot Cream. Nail Fungus treatment may take up to a month to produce results, especially when treating severe cases of toenail fungus.
    • Please follow up via our blog or contact page with any questions, comments or feedback.

      Thanks for the post,

      -Dr. Baravarian

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